Recruiting for Auburn: A Student’s Passion for Recruiting New Student Athletes

Auburn students can agree that we attend the best college in the nation. Have you ever wondered what aspect makes the school great? Some might argue that their favorite part of Auburn is the beauty of the campus, but Auburn has earned its outstanding reputation because of the people that make up the campus. Naturally, Auburn appeals to many students all over the country, but some students do not discover their desire to attend Auburn initially. However, because of students like Taylor Searels, Auburn continually enrolls students that contribute to upholding the values of the Auburn family.

Taylor Searels is a junior at Auburn University who discovered her path at Auburn in recruitment. She became passionate about recruiting through her love for football which also runs in her family. Searels grew up loving football because her dad has been a college football coach her entire life. In middle school and high school is when she began recruiting for her dad’s teams while he coached at Virgina Tech and Texas.

“When recruits from high schools visited the school and my dad, I talked to them, and it gave them a different perspective from someone who was similar to them,” said Searels. “It was a great experience because eventually, they became part of the family.”

Growing up Searels moved around with her family because of her dad’s coaching jobs. Even though she lived in many cities, she wanted to carry on the family tradition and attend Auburn where her dad played football in college.

When she came to Auburn, she began working as a receptionist for the Recruiting Department in Athletics her freshman year. In the same year, her major involvement lied within the Freshmen Leadership Program which inspired her to become a director of the program the following year. Here she discovered her love for orienting first-year students encouraging her to take on other roles. She has served as a Camp War Eagle counselor, and she is currently a director of Emerge which replaced the Freshmen Leadership Program.

“Working with freshmen blended with recruiting for the football team, and I’ve enjoyed these opportunities to show these students everything Auburn has to offer and how it can make them successful during their time here and in the future,” said Searels.

Her role in the Recruiting Department includes assisting with the recruitment of about 200 prospects. She works in the recruiting office weekly preparing materials to aid in the recruitment of new athletes.

On the day of football games, Searels begins working early in the morning along with other recruiting assistants. Her duties include working behind the scenes to prepare for when the recruits arrive for their visit.

“My job is to do whatever I can to make their visit enjoyable,” said Searels. “Whether it’s buying 10 blankets at 8:00 a.m. if we expect to have cold weather or simply answering questions about cool things students enjoy doing at Auburn.”

Being an assistant for the football recruiting team is an unpredictable job for Searels. However, her passion for improving the future of Auburn is exemplary of the values of Auburn students that maintain the success of our programs.

“Anything to make the program better is our motto at the Recruiting Department,” said Searels.

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